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Hidden Money Pocket - Alternative to Money

Before I went to Europe for the first time, I bought a standard money belt that went around the waist. I didn't find it comfortable or flattering, so instead I found a money belt that more of a hidden pocket. It has the same money belt pouch but instead of the belt strap, it has 2 tabs, one brown and one black, that you can secure your belt around and it goes inside your pants like a pocket. It is pretty discrete even if you wear a shirt tucked in. I typically do not wear a belt, so I just pin it to my pants or skirt. My shirt usually covers it. It can be more difficult to remove since it requires unbucking your belt. The only time it was annoying was when going through security before a London Parliament tour. You had to empty all your pockets and put the contents through an Xray machine while the guards frisked you.

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