Herculaneum Video

In one of Rick Steves' videos, it shows his trip up to Vesuvius from Herculaneum. I'm hoping to get the title of that video. Anyone know?

Posted by Eileen
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I'm afraid that's from his former series, "Rick Steves' Travels in Europe". Unless your local library has it, you'll have to buy the whole series on DVD (from Questar - see Amazon.com, ~$75 new, less used! OR ~$15 +/- for Italy only). It's called "Rick Steves' Best of Travels in Europe". It's a 6-DVD box set. Only the trip to Mt Vesuvius is mentioned - and only for 30 seconds; no Herculaneum. Both old and new series go to Pompeii. I didn't remember him revisiting those places in his 'new' series. I checked his TV scripts (they're ALL located under the "TV" tab above), and there's no mention of Herculaneum nor Mt Vesuvius. Sorry :-( Gosh, I love that old series 8^D