help! passport mistake

I am booked on a European RS tour - leaving in 3 weeks. Just received my first passport and the "place of birth" is not correct. They listed the state I currently live in, not my birth state (both ARE in USA, though). Is this a big deal? Should I just go with it and correct it after my trip?

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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Wow, your first call should be to the passport office and not this board. No one here can offer anything more than an opinion, self included. My first reaction is that you probably be ok. BUT don't know how the place of birth state figures into the overall Id system. If the passport office cannot get you a new passport I would carry a birth certificate. In case the error is noticed or triggers something. I don't think it will make any difference entering Europe but a problem could arise with the airline's pre-check or TSA and their no fly lists. Good luck.

Posted by Ed
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Call the passport crowd and ask them. What you may have done is given them bum dope to check whatever it is they check. On the other hand it may have just been a clerical error when they made the passport. What would worry me is that the document might not match the data base. In any case, the information probably can't be cross-checked by a foreign nation. It might be caught at re-entry when you come home and you could have to do a song and dance. Make the call. Nobody else has the answer. You've already wasted precious time asking people who could only provide anecdotal information.

Posted by IN
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I JUST received this passport (my first). I appreciate feedback {edited by webmaster}

Posted by Maryam
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It's not "attitude" you were getting, but frank and straightforward answers. We are not equipped to provide you with the information you seek. Please contact the State Department and have them provide you with an appropriate (and the only legitimate) answer. My opinion is that it would be fine, but in this instance, my opinion counts for nil. Even if a passport expert answers you here, it still may not be worth much since it's not "official" (I think you would have a hard time convincing the immigration folks at the port of entries that Scott on the RS Helpline said it was okay). Have fun in your travels!

Posted by Ed
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Is that a 'thank you' or a 'buzz off' ? Double negatives are hard to decipher. :) You asked the question. You got two answers that were being typed at the same time, were virtually identical, had your interest at heart, and were posted by two people who have a heck of a lot of travel experience but don't always agree on the way to do things. You'll notice that neither Frank nor I offered an opinion of what we would do in a similar situation. In the future, consider that 'feedback' from peers can always be trumped by hard skinny from the authoritative source - - so, perhaps, instinctively you should go there first. Hang around. You might get a couple of 'go-for-its'. What you do is up to you.

Posted by Bruce
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Two cups of coffee and I'm still baffled. Back to ATMs, accommodations in Paris and cars v. trains?

Posted by Kira
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Believe it or not, WAY back in the day when big American corporations had in-house travel agents (with ticket printers and everything!) I worked very closely with the US Passport folks in New York City, getting last-minute passports and passport renewals for busy, rich executives. Based on my experience, my advice is to contact your passport agency immediately, let them know what happened, and get a same-day appointment to get a corrected passport. If you do not live in a city with its own passport agency, ask the advice of the agent to whom you speak. Give them your travel dates. They can and will accommodate you. Whatever you do, please do NOT "just go with it." I won't bore you with my lengthy personal anecdote. I will say that although it is sometimes possible to "sneak through," it is NEVER EVER a good thing to get caught with an incorrect passport. :-) Good luck and have a great trip!