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help! 3 20somethings, 10 weeks in Europe...

My sisters and I will be traveling for 10 weeks in Europe. We're trying to pick sights that please MOSTLY everybody. Is there something someone saw that maybe isn't in a Guidebook that's a must? Street performers, a certain food, place to shop any information would be great! We've locked down places to stay, no need there. Our cities are...
Athens, Santorini, Naples, Rome, Venice, Milan, Interlaken, Nice, Barcelona, Valencia, Paris, Weisbaden( need here), Prague, Amsterdam, Dublin, Edinburgh, London.
Any bit of help anywhere in any city would be mostly appreiciated! I've been reading my brains out for months, I'm looking for opinions of true travelers. Thanx!!!

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Grafton St in Dublin always has "buskers" (street performers) no matter what part of the year you are there.

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That's a tall order for such a long list! & with so many guidebooks out there I doubt there's anything major that one of them wouldn't mention.

Are you all bringing the same guidebook? Because the general ones only cover so much. If you have the budget, go guide browsing at a bookstore and each pick a region/country to investigate. Those MTV guides are pretty good, and they're geared more for your age group than Rick Steves (sorry RS!). There are other specialty guides that you might not want to bring with you but might mention a thing to do worth writing down.

if you're hostelling, you'll find a ton of info from the front desk and fellow travellers. local recommendations are the best. invite someone along, you'll barely scratch the surface of a city as it is.

Athens: near the Poly. University (em. benaki) has lots of cool ppl, record stores and bistros if you're getting tired of trad greek food.
Santorini: rent a car, if you can
Naples: di matteo pizza, worth finding!!

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In Barcelona you can't go wrong with just picking one tapas place, eat/drink, then continue to the next place. Barcelona has the hop on/hop off tour bus, where you can choose when to get off/on. You not only hit all the tourist stops, but you can decide if you want to check it out.

In London you should go on the London Eye. The view is fabulous, and it also gives you a chance to think about what part you want to discover next. London has the hop on/hop off bus too, but i didn't go on it.

I think it really depends if you're a bunch of party girls, or culture seekers. All of us Rick-niks can tell you what we feel is a must see, but ultimately you'll have to just decide if you want to hit the shops/open air markets, or the modern art museums.

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You have 17 different cities which would give you 4 days in each place. This does not include your travel days....checking into and out of Hotels, Hostels, etc.

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Altho, you will be traveling for 10 weeks, you are trying to jam a lot of cities in. Like JB said, you have 17 cities listed giving you only 4 days per city and that's not including travel time between cities. I feel that you might begin to feel "rush" if you stick to your 17 cities. I think you might enjoy it a lot better if you cut out a few cities. You and your sisters should talk and decide which cities are important to each of you to see. You probably would have a more relaxing holiday if you did cut out a few of the cities. Maybe cut a couple of cities in Italy.

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If you're 20 somethings you can't afford to miss Berlin! That city has got the best nightlife in Europe (especially given that it's also pretty inexpensive). Also don't miss the open air beach clubs in Frankfurt and Berlin and Sven Väth's Cocoon in Frankfurt.

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So I guess I agree with those who said slow down. We did 6 cities in 24 days and it felt like we saw more train stations and airports than we did the places we were going to. Having said that I suggest you pick at least one or two smaller towns, even if it is just to do your laundry. There is such a difference between the people of major cities and some of the villages. I know the night life might not be there, but some of the greatest personal interaction I've had in Europe was in the villages between the big cities.

You sound prepared and everyone here has given good advice. Relax and have a great time (and start planning for "next time".

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I agree with everyone about slowing down. You want a vacation, not to run around Europe. In Barcelona, you have to have Sangria and Paella....amazing.
I would pick a couple places you want to visit in each city you go to, so you have a bit of a plan, and then pick other things when you are there. Your first stop in each city is the TI center, and that will have ample things for you to do.

I highly recommend doing a bike tour in Amsterdam, and in any other city that offers it. It's a fun way to see any city!