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Has anyone used their iphone in europe yet?

I am traveling for a month in October and plan on taking my iphone for occasional calls to/from US. Has anyone had any experience yet; good or bad on setting up their iphone to work in europe? I'll be in london, rome, florence, barcelona and paris. thanks marta

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You should have no problem.
Call ATT and be sure to have them turn on international use otherwise it will not work. They leave this feature off for security reasons. It costs nothing to add it. Make sure to add the World Traveller discount package. It is a $5.99 monthly fee that pays for itself in one call. You can save almost 50% off each call by having it. You can have them take this off when you get back. It does not affect your plan.

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You might check the other Post in this section regarding travelling with the I-Phone. It might be a good idea to have the data section disabled for the duration of your trip (if possible?).

Check with AT&T for complete details and prices regarding European roaming, so that you don't get any "expensive surprises" when you get home!!!


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I spoke with ATT yesterday about this. For $24.99 you can buy a data package that will get you 20 MB of data using Edge. Your WiFi connection is separate.

If you don't get the package you will pay 2 cents per K, which will add up fast.

I have heard from others that the iPhone automatically checks data using Edge, even of you don't do it yourself. This can add up fast at 2 cents per K, especially if you accidentally tap your email or browser buttons.

I read that you can disable Edge before you travel if you don't wan't to buy the data package. I'm not sure if this is true.


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AT&T has a very good international support line that can answer all your questions: 1-800-335-4685. To use your phone you have to activate international calling, then you can choose to purchase the international calling plan for $5.99 a month, which cuts down the rate per minute, and is probably worth it. Data is an entirely separate thing. For internet and e-mail access, you should purchase their data plan which gives you 20 MB per month of data for a little over $20/month BUT requires a one year commitment. If your iPhone is setup to automatically check your e-mail, disable that, or you'll burn through your 20 MB limit in no time. Text messaging is covered under your voice plan, but costs 50 cents per text to send and 15 cents per text to receive. Wifi is separate, I don't believe it uses your 20 MB, I think that's only for the Edge network. In terms of call quality, it's just as bad as it is in the US, but no worse, we've had no problems with it.

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One thought...
The IPhone has not come out in Europe (I think it comes out some time in the fall). And when it does, it's only being offered by specific companies in specific countries. So carrying it around will immediately tag you as tourist and might make you more of a target for pickpockets/thieves.

Thus, you might be better off buying a cheap quad-band phone for us in Europe and leave the IPhone at home where it won't risk being stolen.


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thanks everyone. I did call AT&T and think I will purchase the $5.99 plan and have the data plan disabled. I'm not worried about having the phone with me as I will rarely make calls and mostly I'll be using it as my ipod while on planes or at night in our room.