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Do you have a version that I can download ? instead of sending a printed book to me? if you do, can you list the prices. Interested in Europe: Spain, France, Italy, Germany.
thank you~

Posted by Gail
Downingtown, USA
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Mary, look up above on section called "Rick's Guidebooks" and am sure you will find what you are looking for, am not sure if you are aware that you are not communicating with Rick on the travel section, just some of a group of "wise" travelers, lol.

Posted by Ken
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Mary, Many of the Rick Steves Guidebooks are now available as E-Books in a variety of formats includind Kindle, Apple, Nook and Kobo. Not all books are available in all formats. These can be purchased from the E-Book retailers rather than this website. For example, if you're purchasing a Kindle version, you'll download from the Amazon website. If an Apple version, you'll download from iTunes. When choosing E-Book Guidebooks, it's a really good idea to check the release date, as the electronic versions tend to be about three months behind the print versions so you may be buying last year's edition. You can check the list of E-Books on THIS part of the website. Two other points to note. First, if you want to view the books on a PC or MAC you can download the free Kindle Reader, and then download the Guidebooks. Second, some Users have reported that the E-Book Maps are a bit hard to read. I've found that with a bit of practice, it's not too difficult. Good luck and happy travels!

Posted by Charlie
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Buying a RS guide book, in any format, is a small investment in what will turn out to be an expensive trip. You should check elsewhere on this web site to see if there is an address at his office that you could send your question to (Travel Desk?)

Posted by Mary
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I knew Rick wasn't going to reply.... thanks so much for your help~~

Posted by Anna
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Mary, perhaps you could check your local library for some of the Rick Steves and other guide books, like Frommer's or Fodor's. If your local branch doesn't have the books, they can probably get them for you from one of the other Durham branches. Also, you could go to a bookstore and see what's on the shelves in the travel section, leaf through the books, before deciding which one you would like. This, of course, if there is an actual bookstore left. They're getting rarer than hen's teeth in the Atlanta area.

Posted by Mary
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Posted by Richard
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You can download Rick Steve's travel guides to your computer by going on Amazon and downloading the Kindle version. First you set up an Amazon account and then it will walk you through the steps to download through Kindle Cloud Reader. Is that what you are looking for because your first post is a bit perplexing?

Posted by Jack
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Mary, If you have a IPad you can download travel guides from the ITunes Store. I did that last year when I went to Spain. I was extremely unhappy with this. When i went to Europe last month I took a paper guidebook. I was much more satisfied with it.

Posted by Frank
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Ya, because you don't have to plug it in, can read it in the sunlight, and it someone steals or I misplace it, I am out twenty bucks. Best deal around.

Posted by Sarah
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Frank, you do realize that "electronic readers" like a Kindle and whatnot can be read in the sunlight, right? Obviously yes they're not cheap but I have to say I do really love packing something that is lighter than one book as opposed to 3 guidebooks and a novel like I previously would have.