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GSM World Phone

Rick says he uses this according to Skymall. My question is do any of you have this and do you like it pros and cons please? Interested in how to pay after calls made plans, etc, text messaging

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I use the Mobal GSM world phone. You buy the phone, you get a permanent UK phone number and an international SIM card that works in 140 countries. The calls are charged to your credit card as you make them, so you don't run out of minutes or anything. Text messaging doesn't work from the US system to international, and text messages are expensive anyway. From most countries the calls are $1.25-$1.50/min. which is pricey, but you don't have to mess with monthly fees, buying new SIM cards in different countries, buying phone cards, finding a phone booth, etc. Plus you have it in case of emergency. Mine has been used in Finland and Spain with crystal clarity to the US.