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GPS in Europe/southern France?

I am looking for advice on the subject of GPS, am renting a car in southern France? Buy one here (US), do they rent them there, etc?

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Some car rental companies have them available in their rental cars. You could also buy one here, but you'd also need to buy the maps for Europe/France, which can be pricey.

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If you will be taking a couple of European trips per year, then I would suggest that you think about buying one and purchasing the appropriate maps. If you will be taking one trip per year or less, than I would suggest just renting it with the car. One thing that we learned with our Nissan rental car was that it got confused with round-abouts. This could have been a quirk with the Nissan system, but I thought I would pass this along. If we had to make a "left turn" at the round-about, when we got to the top of the round-about, the GPS thought we went past the round-about, so it calculated a new route, which totally gummed things up. After a while, we learned to just follow the original path thru the round-about and everything was fine.