Gps app on the iphone

Does any one know if there is a gps app that you can use in Europe that works in airplane mode so we don't get charged for roaming? I know we can get a gps unit with the rental car, but since we have a smart phone i wanted to explore thatoption first... Thanks in advance!

Posted by Ed
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Turn cellular data off. Don't switch anything else. You'll have a gps that works fine, still have wifi, and still have a fully functioning phone. Stay away from the stupid airplane switch. You'll have to download country maps first, or when you have a free wifi connection. I use MapsWithMe, pro version, which cost about five bucks. What you won't have is voice or turn-by-turns. If you want to move up to the no-brainer, Magellan and TomTom both have apps, but they're going to cost about as much as a stand-alone - - not such a good idea if this a a single trip. Hell, not such a good idea anyway since you're going to have to prop/hold the phone to see the display, run the battery down unless you carry a car charger, deal with a smaller display, etc, etc.

Posted by Warren
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I downloaded Sygec Europe for my upcoming trip. It's supposed to work offline. I also have IGO primo for North America and that one does work offline. Only reason I went with Sygic was price and coverage of All the places I'm going

Posted by Chris
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I've used citymaps2go app for off line interactive maps. Used it in Spain and morocco and highly recommend