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Google Flights vs Kayak

This article appeared in Frommer's. I usually hve been going to Kayak for research but I know that many members on this site use Google Flights which I just recently have become familiar with. I had heard about it but never really attempted until hearing about it from R S members.

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I'm quite prepared to believe there's something to be learned from historical trends, but with recent historical data severely affected by COVID effects, I'm not sure trends are very helpful at the moment.

It's an interesting article, though.

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Never use Google, but have used

I use Kayak to find cheaper flights, but never book through Kayak. I always book directly with the airline.

Some of the really cheap flights on Kayak are with sources that don't have the best reviews.

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Google flights is just so much faster allowing you to check multiple destinations at one time or even an entire continent or region.
You can put in multiple originating airports, and 5-7 specific destinations and search all at once or just specify "Europe" in the destination to see the whole area on a map. The latter is awesome if you are open on where to go and want to see where the deals are.

Based on the US airlines now allowing you to cancel and rebook if you get a lower fare, it takes away the angst of trying to figure out best time to book.

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Regardless of what you use if it directs you to some unknown website back out. There is no cheap airfare fairy. If you can’t find the fare on the airline website, you’re probably getting ready to be ripped off.

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I use both Kayak and Google Flights to obtain information but always book directly with the airlines.

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I have complicated flights coming up October 2024. Or at least, for me, it is complicated.

I will be flying to Tel Aviv from Austin to sail from Haifa to Istanbul and then back to Austin from Istanbul.

I do research on Kayak and then always book directly with the airline. I also have rewards with Southwest, JetBlue, American and Delta.

Now I will be using Google Flights also but for research.

After doing some research, I think my best bet is to use my points to fly to Boston and then book direct Boston to Tel Aviv. Same with coming home. I will fly direct from Istanbul to Boston and then use my points to fly from Boston to Austin.

I am probably going to have to pay Boston to Tel Aviv and Istanbul to Boston.

This is going to save me some money and I think also simplify the flying.

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Since you are going to Istanbul, you might consider using Turkish Airlines. They usually have excellent prices.

We have never flown on TA but heard from others that they are good.

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If you are going to do that, and the connecting flights aren't in the same alliance, then make darn sure you have a lot of time between flights.

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I highly recommend Turkish Airlines. We flew RT to Istanbul direct from LAX, and were very happy with the service and comfort. For economy class, it was better than other airlines we have used. Their price was comparable as well. Based on the quality of flights we have taken with different airlines in the last 15 years, I would say Turkish Air is one of the best. Of course, flying from a major hub does make a difference in options, but it seems you have the opportunity to pick and choose. Good luck in ytour search!