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good deal or not for Amsterdam and Brussels?

Hi, I am new to this site. I have watched Rick Steves growing up. My husband and I are interested in visiting AMS & BRU during 05/31~06/08. On, the price for six nights for two would be $3406~3485 so abt $1700/person(airfare, hotel, continental breakfast, train between AMS and BRU). Kind of steep, no? Or is that the norm? searching for airfare alone is abt 1K/person. any other suggestions/sites? thanks!

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Is 1K airfare for first class? If not, search various websites (listed elsewhere on this site). You can probably find much better airfare. From there you can judge how much the hotels and train are worth. Continental breakfast isn't worth figuring because virtually every hotel, including B&B's and many hostels, include some type of breakfast.

Check out He highlights a bunch of packages he believes are good deals. That would also give you a point of comparison.

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The best way to figure it out is to check fares and hotel rates separately.
In that period of time you want to go, the airfare shouldn't be more then $700, if the tickets are bought in advanced.
The cheapest hotel I found in A,sterdam afew years ago was 80 EUR and it was a budget hotel and the room was at the 4th floor.However brussels might be cheaper, i stayed in a nice hotel with the huge breakfast for 80 EUR , in downtown, so there might be cheaper hotels there. Soa ccording to my calculations , you will be paying about $150/per person per night, which will bring the double room to $300 which is a lot in my opinion.
I book all my vacations on my own and I figured out it's cheaper to book a double hotel room then booking per person. When you book a double there will be a small extra charge for the 2nd person, when you book separatly for two, the charge is double.
Try and .The last one sell air tickets too.They have very good fares most of the time

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My daughter and I went to Europe for 8 weeks. Our air fare from SFO-AMS non-stop was $1071 per person. Our 11 day (1 day free) was $552 per person. Our combined average cost per day for 8 weeks was not over $125. We visited 8 countries.

The price you quoted is very expensive for 7 days in Europe. Unless you prefer 1st class hotels, ets.

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You can't really go by what people paid in the past as airfares change constantly.

I looked up the flights you mentioned on the days you want to go and right now, the best rate is just under $1200/per person. That will probably change at some point.

Another place to check for decent packages are the airlines themselves. If you buy a flight/hotel package you can get some really good deals on airfare as well as hotel. Do some research.

Years ago I booked a flight/hotel package in the offseason to London. Got the hotel at 50% off and not only was the flight cheaper, but the ticket was totally refundable because it was part of a package. Normally, the cheap fares are nonrefundable.

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Thanks for all your reply. Yesterday I wrote to the email on this website. Here is the response:

Thanks so much for your interest in Europe Through the Back Door. Your email is much appreciated by Rick and all of us at ETBD.

The offer you mentioned sounds pretty good actually if it includes airfare, hotel, & transportation. You can’t really count on finding airfare under $1,000 for flights that time of year. Also with the current weakness of the dollar the est. of 100 Euros/day is more like 110-120 Euros/day right now.

We are not travel agency so we do not issue airline tickets or schedules..However, one particular agency that we recommend is Elizabeth Holmes Travel. The agents Elizabeth Holmes employs are familiar with our guidebooks, tours, and the areas that we cover in Europe.

I noticed her website has a special through June to AMS for $675 (b4 surcharges). When I called it was abt $1200. So you see, I am very confused and beginning to think pkg is a deal

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I think it's a pretty good deal. Considering the price of oil has increased almost 60% over the past year, and the value of the dollar has declined 13% against the Euro, I doubt whether anyone will find flights to Europe under 1K from the central or western U-S this summer. Airlines will be double and triple checking load factors and reducing flights if the demand isn't there, combining flights if necessary to make sure they're filled. That means few, if any, leftover seats to sell at sale prices.

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Airfare in summer is the most expensive. Airlines are scheduling less flights and filling their planes.
$1000 is about what it would cost for your fare.
You will find package deals somewhat cheaper.
I will not travel in the summer again, as everything is more expensive and very crowded. I know some people have no choice, but I would rather not go!

If you wait util it gets a bit closer, there may be some deals because of the week dollar but I doubt it.

Fall and spring are my favorite times of the yaer to travel.
Good luck and happy travels!