Good Budget Hotel in Paris?

Hi..I have been looking for a decent budget hotel (meaning around $100-120 a night) in Paris..looking to stay in Montmartre but open to other areas. My main concerns are not so much things like room/bathroom size or if there is an elevator, I'm looking for a safe area, reasonably close to a metro station. Dont care about breakfasts, but do need wifi! Thank you in advance!

Posted by Darcy
Lewiston, Idaho, USA
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Cynthia, It's really easier to think (and search) in Euro so that would be about € 74-88. Or did you actually mean €100-120? Do you mean you'd like a hotel in Montmartre or in the Marais? In the Marais there's the Jeanne d'Arc at €81 which has a good reputation. I've never stayed there although I've tried several times. Do you have Rick's Paris or France 2013 book? You could also try

Posted by Cynthia
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HI..I've spent hours looking at budget hotels..and it seems the moment I find something I might like, I read the reviews and there's always something horrible being written that turns me off..bedbugs, rude unhelpful staff, sketchy area...then Im off to look at other hotels! I did find one that looks OK... Pavillion de Montmartre, not many reviews to read, which may be a good thing. I will also look at the Esmerelda hotel recommended here. Again, my main thing is safety and close to metro for moving around the city.

Posted by Norma
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Check out Campanile Nation. The rooms are small but the beds are excellent and so are the bathrooms. Metro close by and a wonderful market very Saturday morning. Easy to reach from CDG by Bus No. 351 for under $5.00. Safe & quiet street (rue Rendezvous)

Posted by Sarah
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I can recommend the Hotel Cluny Sorbonne. We paid about 100 euros per night for a room for 2 people, with an en suite bathroom. The hotel has wifi and is a ten-minute walk from the Notre-Dame / St.-Michel Metro and RER stops, by the Seine.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Hotel St Pierre on Rue d'Ecole De Medicine. in the 6th, bordering on 5th,, great location.. walk from several good sites, metro and ST Michels RER station. Rooms are clean, but small and a tad drab,, but I loved my stay there, staff are nice, location was perfect. On a quiet side street but only steps from busy Boulevard St Michel..

Posted by Cristina
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How long do you plan on staying? I just booked a trip to Paris, I am actually going to be there this month and when I could not find a hotel that met my expectations and my budget, I rented an apartment. It had to be either ground or first floor if the building didn't have an elevator was my first on the list of wants, along with wifi and being close to transportation. Ours is running 110 euros a night for a one bedroom, but there were several studios that were cheaper that also had the elevator, wifi and near transport but since we are staying for over a week we wanted the extra space. We used I have used them several other times for apartments in Rome and Puerto Rico, as well.

Posted by Richard
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No hotel recommendations but a word of caution when reading online reviews. People are about ten times more likely to post a negative review than a positive and will embellish their story so don't be too put off by a couple of bad reviews and look at the whole picture. Any hotel room in Paris is going to be smaller than it looks in the pictures so adjust your expectations accordingly. A warning about a "rude staff" can mean that the reviewer was clueless about French culture or was just the stereotypical "Ugly American". Any hotel in the world can have bed bugs, even upscale hotels. Read the reviews with your B.S. filter turned way up, they can't all be bad. At your price point there will be some disappointed travelers so adjust your expectations and enjoy your trip.

Posted by Cynthia
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Yes, I know about the small hotels in other cities, shared baths, complaints about elevators being nonexistant,.. small showers...some of this matters to be, some does not. Small rooms, stairways...who cares. My main concern SAFETY. After reviewing LOADS of hotels, and reading all kinds of horror stories about double booked rooms, filthy to nasty accomodations liable to give you Hepatitis. I ended up booking a place farther south by Nations metro. Just only had so much time to spend screwing around looking for a room. I think I found a very decent, charming one. Thank You!

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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Cynthia,, I am always interested in a good cheap hotel,,I stay in many different ones.. which one did you book?

Posted by Swan
Napa, CA
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I'm staying at Palym Hotel, near Gare de Lyon. It is nicely decorated and appears to have recent upgrades. The area isn't beautiful, but public transit from here is excellent.