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Gluten-free in Europe

My daughters and I are considering taking a Rick Steves' tour through Europe. However, one of my daughters has celiac disease and is on a strict gluten-free diet. When we travel in the US, we stay somewhere with cooking facilities so we can cook her meals. On the East Coast, there are some restaurants that she can eat at, but there are not many options for eating out in California.

My question is whether it would be feasible for my daughter to find places to eat while on a tour. Does any one out there have experience with a gluten free diet while on a Rick Steves' tour?

Thanks for your help,

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I don't know specifically about the tour, but gluten-free foods are certainly available in the UK. The larger Tesco supermarkets have a whole range of gluten-free items, many health food stores have gluten free items and there are restaurants that will serve gluten free food.


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Jane, which countries are you going to visit?

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you should speak immediately to the tour department at Europe Through the Back Door. I am sure they can advise you. YOu sure don't want your daughter ill on your trip! It may be better for you to go on your own so you can cook.

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Check out

They have a lot of restaurant listings in the U.S. and Europe that are celiac friendly. Europe is way ahead of the U.S. in celiac awareness and it is possible to find both supermarkets and restaurants that cater to celiacs. The UK is especially good with GF labeling and awareness.

Also, most countries in Europe have national celiac associations that will point you in the right direction. These too are available on the Celiac Handbook website.

As for the Rick Steves tour, I would check with them directly about their experience with food intolerance in general.

Good luck.