Thinking of Germany for a week...Berlin as its supposed to be the Place..good ect. I am also thinking of Munich or Frankfurth. I would like to have some good nightlife but also be able to see some of Germany's beauty. As mentioned I am only going for a week so I need to capitalize on my time.

Posted by Kevin
Minneapolis, MN
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Could you give us a bit more information about what you had in mind? What time of year are you planning to travel, what things would you like to see, what city would you fly into, etc.? Germany is a fairly large country, and visiting several different parts of it in just a week may spread yourself rather thin. It would be like someone wanting to see Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City all in just a week. You could easily spend the whole week in and around any one of those 3 German cities and keep yourself well occupied. Traveling between any 2 of them would take a good chunk out of a day, cutting into your limited time. Perhaps you would like to concentrate on one city or region?

Posted by Paul
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I've been to Berlin, Munich, and then a few smaller towns in Bavaria. My two cents: to capitalize on your time, stick to Berlin. There is enough to see and do to easily use up the week. Save the desire to see the rest of the country for your second trip, and for a trip where you have more time. I took a train from Munich to Berlin and drove from Berlin to Bavaria. Very pretty, but not so much that I'd devote a day or two of a week trip to travel time. Berlin is just a great city. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did and the five days we were there was too short. I can't wait for my next trip.

Posted by Ken
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Robert, My suggestion would be to have a close look at both Berlin and Munich, to determine which one best fits your criteria for this trip. I suspect you'll have to decide whether "nightlife" or "scenery" is most important. I was just in Berlin about a month ago, and agree with Paul that a week is NOT long enough. It's a vibrant city with different "neighborhoods" and lots happening, especially in terms of nightlife. Although there are lots of interesting sights to see, it doesn't have as much of the quintessential scenery that is common in other parts of Germany. Munich is one of my favourite cities and it has both scenery and the nightlife can also be very lively (especially in the Hofbrauhaus and other establishments of that type). There are also some good restaurants. You won't have to travel far from Munich to find exceptional scenery. You can head towards the Castles in F├╝ssen, towards the mountains in Berchtesgaden or even take a day trip to Salzburg. If you have time, try to visit Hallstatt - the scenery is incredible. You could easily keep busy for a week in Munich. If you like Museums, the Deutsches Museum is incredible! Good luck with your decision!

Posted by Pamela
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Berlin is also great for art and 20th century history. It's a very easy city to get around in as well. And, there are some good day trips. I went to Potsdam. I think that Dresden might be doable as well. Also, there are wonderful parks around the city that are reachable by public transit.

Posted by Robert
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Thanks to everyone who replyed and to Kevin I will be traveling around the first week of June , next year. As for Vernons comment...Munich by all accounts has both the nightlife and postcard scenery so I do some more homework. Any recommendations with regards to hotels / B & B's in both Berlin and Munich would be apprecited I have heard : Friedrichstrasse is a great place to stay in the center of it all in Berlin.

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Well Robert I'll tell ya I just did a 6 week stay in Europe and half of it was in Germany visiting a cousin I never met before and I spent the first ten days I was there in Munich. And I can tell ya there's a lot to see in the area for up to 2 weeks. First go and look at these are awesome affordable guided tours that will offer u a weeks worth of great day trips in a few hour radius around Munich. They take u to places such as the Dachau concentration camp. The City of nurnemburg, to the neuschwanstein castle, Salzburg Austria, and also u can go c what's called the eagles nest hitlers 50th bday present. And idk how u want to sty there but I stayed in a great cheap hostel when I was there and met people all over the world so that's an awesome place right across from the main train station called the euro youth hotel.
But outside of those tours I mentioned to u there's a ton to see in Munich to top it of with so u deff. Would need two weeks cause do not underestimate the flight will need a rest day

Posted by Angela
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Highly recommend Fat Tire Bike tours for one of your first days in Berlin (my personal recommendation!) Youthful, fun, English-speaking tours with great content and easy bike riding. After the tour, they give you a pamphlet with the guides' own personal restaurant and club recommendations. We tried Transit (on Rosenthalerstrasse)for dinner. Yummy Asian fusion in a sleek atmosphere and a great price.

Posted by Andrea
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The OP asked his question a year ago. It's doubtful he needs further advice.