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Germany/Austria/Czech Republic Itinerary

Hi all,
This will be my first time traveling to any of these countries, so I was seeking feedback on the rough outline of the itinerary I started. Here is what I have come up with thus far:

Tuesday, May 12 Land in Munich around 1 pm local time. Rest up from long flight. Explore Munich in the evening (beer halls, restaurants, etc).
Wednesday, May 13 Take a guided day trip to Nuremberg. Explore Munich upon return.
Thursday, May 14 Take a guided tour of Neuschwanstein Castle. Explore Munich upon return.
Friday, May 15 Tour Dachau Concentration Camp. Once back in Munich, get a rental car to take into the Berchtesgaden region and see Hitler's Eagle's Nest. Stay overnight in the Berchtesgaden region.
Saturday, May 16 Drive rental car to Hallstatt, Austria. Explore Hallstatt and surrounding area, stay overnight somewhere in this region or in Hallstatt itself.
Sunday, May 17 Drive rental car to Vienna. Explore Vienna in the afternoon/evening.
Monday, May 18 Explore Vienna (restaurants/attractions/bars/etc.)
Tuesday, May 19 Drive rental car to Prague. Explore Prague in the afternoon/evening.
Wednesday, May 20 Explore Prague (restaurants/attractions/bars/etc.)
Thursday, May 21 Explore Prague (restaurants/attractions/bars/etc.)
Friday, May 22 Drive back to Munich to drop off rental car. May have time to see anything missed in Munich from initial days.
Saturday, May 23 Fly back home out of Munich at around 2 pm local time.

The only thing booked so far is the roundtrip airfare to Munich. Open to any recommendations or advice.

Thank you in advance!

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You have a pretty packed in itinerary. I try to take it easy the first day after a long flight as I'm trying to get my clock turned around.
And have you considered spending more time in Munich on front end--a very important and fun travel city?

I'd hate to see you go past Salzburg and not take time to enjoy this very favorite city. It's just north of Berchtesgaden which many visit as a Salzburg day trip. You could also take a train/ferry to Hallstadt--as a day trip.
And it's so easy to get to Vienna from Salzburg--180 miles.
Have you considered taking a train from city to city as Vienna and Prague are not really good places to take automobiles?
From Prague to Munich, you could go through Nuremberg before heading south into Munich--by train and/or bus.
You just have so many options to traveling this region--one of my favorite places.

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I not take a day trip to Nuremberg. I would go munich to
hallstatt, then to Nuremberg and turn in the car. Bus to Prague. Train to Vienna, then Munich