FYI: New €uro bills starting May 2nd - get used to a new look

FYI 12 years after the introduction of the 1st generation of euro bills the ECB announced a new, d, more modern, more secure generation will be brought into circulation starting this year. So from May 2nd there are two designs of the €5 bill that are valid. Pictures: Old and new €5 bill

Posted by Sarah
Chicago (formerly St. Louis), IL, USA
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Thanks for posting this, Andreas. I imagine they'll phase out the old fives at some point, which is a consideration for people like me who have five-euro bills but may not get back to Europe until next year.

Posted by Keith
United Kingdom
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Thanks, despite being so near, I'd heard nothing about this change. Will the new Euros have a "best before" date? (joke)

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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From the BBC News website (I added the bold emphasis): "In order to use up remaining stocks in many eurozone countries, the original five-euro notes will be issued for several months alongside the new ones. The two series will circulate in parallel as legal tender. The ECB has not yet set a termination date for the first series as legal tender, and says the deadline will be announced well in advance." So there's no need to sell off the old ones. You'll probably be back to Europe at least a couple of times before they are worthless - though inflation may take care of that first.