From Prague to Bologna- Itinerary Help

Hi Everyone! I'm a 30 year old female traveling/ kinda backpacking alone from Prague to Bologna.... but I need help filling in the middle! I LOVE architecture/art/ beautiful things/hip cities. What would you put in the middle?? 4 Days in Prague, Czech 2 days Vienna, Austria 8 Days FREE 15 days in Bologna, Italy Should I fill in the middle with: Hungary/Slovenia/Croatia OR Germany/Switzerland (side note: I've already been to Venice/Florence and Rome) I'd LOVE your thoughts and suggestions!!! Thank you in advance! Casey

Posted by James E.
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I'm not suggesting you stop in each one of these cities but they make for a decent route and you can research and choose where you stop and where you pass through in route. Enter them in order in Google Maps Southern Route (cheaper route / old country) Berlin Prague Cesky Krumlov Vienna Budapest Zagreb Trieste Venice Bologna Northern Route (more expensive route / alpine) Berlin Prague Vienna Munich Zurich Milan Venice

Posted by Casey
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That is helpful James... Which route would you take???

Posted by Lexma
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I have NO IDEA what a hip city would be, so I won't even try to address that. And without knowing what kind of architecture or art you like (or what kind of beautiful things), I'm basing my answer on what I like and where I've been In Hungary, Eger is way to the easy, but an adorable small city with not a lot to do and no art; architecture is Hapsburg style. I've also been to Budapest. I might call it a hip city; it's much more cosmopolitan (and less beautiful) than Prague. We did visit the art museum, but it wasn't my favorite. Generalizing greatly, and only having researched but not been to Slovenia or Croatia, I'd say they rate high on beauty but not so much on the other things you love. There is some interesting architecture in Croatia, but I think those places are a bit spread apart within the country. Germany just isn't my favorite place, so I can't advise there, and Switzerland is gorgeous, but again, I wouldn't give it high marks for architecture, art or being hip. So if I had your loves, without being specific, I'd spend the 8 days in other cities in northern Italy.

Posted by Fred
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Hi, Based on your plans so far above, I would heartily suggest more time to be spent visiting Vienna. Maybe more days? For the northern route: go to Berlin and Leipzig or Dresden, OR, just spend all the left over days in Berlin.