From Europe to Minneapolis

I've got just a very general question. My wife and I are flying from Minneapolis to Europe next summer. We are looking to spend our team somewhere between the following parts of Europe (UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria). We are there for two weeks and will be traveling to between 4-5 places. This is the general route we have first (trying to go in a logical order): 1) London 2) Paris
3) Rome Now we are looking for spots 4 and 5 to end our trip. I see that if we travel south towards Naples, the flights back to Minneapolis get VERY expensive. So I'm thinking a better route would be to work our way back north (towards Switzerland, Belgium, or Netherlands) and fly back to Minneapolis from there. Is there an airport in those area's that typically has the CHEAPEST flights of those cities back to Minneapolis? Or another suggestion on which city to end our trip to that will be the best deal for us to fly back? Thanks.

Posted by Nancy
Corvallis OR
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When I lived in Minneapolis I usually found the cheapest flights to/from either Frankfurt or Amsterdam. Have you looked at multi-city flights into London and out of Rome? It might make sense to just use those three cities (London,Paris,Rome) as bases and explore on day-trips from them rather than staying in another 2 places. Two weeks isn't that much time - basically 4/5 nights in each location with travel days between them. If you must add another location you could add Belgium (Brussels and Bruges) between London and Paris and still fly home from Rome but that would limit your time in the 'big three'. Just an idea.

Posted by Jeff
Lakeville, MN
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Tyler, Check icelandair for inexpensive flights to and from Europe out of Minneapolis. J&D

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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I agree with Jeff that flying Icelandair on an open jaw (multi-city) ticket would be a good choice. However, the only airport it serves in Italy is Milano Malpensa. And I agree with Nancy that you should consider limiting yourselves to London, Paris, and Rome - or, at the most, adding only one other city. That way you'll have a better balance between sightseeing days and travel days. Even if you fly between points, you'll use up the major part of a day getting to and from airports, getting to your hotel, and getting familiar with the territory. If you limit yourselves to London, Paris, and Rome, then check to see which airlines offer multi-city tickets for Minneapolis-London and Rome-Minneapolis. Or you could travel London-Paris-Rome-Amsterdam. Check to see which airlines offer multi-city tickets for Minneapolis-London and Amsterdam-Minneapolis. Take the Eurostar from London to Paris. Fly on a budget airline (either easyJet or Vueling) from Paris to Rome. Fly easyJet from Rome to Amsterdam.