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Free wifi access in France, Italy, and Greece?

I am traveling to Paris, Venice, Assisi, Pisa, Rome, Naples, Athens, Aegina this July and am trying to get an idea of how accessible free wifi might be over there.

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next to nothing for free wifi in europe. i'd use the internet cafe instead.

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depends on where you are staying.

most hotels have at least some form of wifi, although most of the time it is not free. i had better luck in northern italy than anywhere else for free wifi.

i agree with the above poster- better to use internet cafes.

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The Radisson SAS hotels in Continental Europe and Scandinavia offer free wireless service to hotel guests. Apart from that Europeans use UMTS cards instead of hot spots as that way high speed internet is available just anywhere they want instead of just some spots. Check the websites of O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile and others for UMTS cards.