Frankfurt to Italy

I am touring Italy this summer. My flight (provided by work) only takes me to Frankfurt. While I am sure Germany is fascinating Italy is the trip I have always wanted to make. It is a long flight to Germany and I do not know if I have the stamina to get into Frankfurt and then go on a 12 hr train ride to Milan or wherever. Is the3re somewhere near the border worth visiting that would not be to tiring for the first day? Would it be better to just go straight into Italy?

Posted by CL
Salem, Oregon, USA
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I concur - keep going! It's only an hour flight from Frankfurt to Milan. I had a 10.5 hour Lufthansa flight (Portland, OR) to Frankfurt. Arrived in early a.m. Three hour layover was needed (customs in Frankfurt is slloooooowwww) and it allowed me to stretch, eat, and get used to the idea of Europe time. The quick flight to Milan was painless, and there's an easy Malpensa shuttle bus (5 euro) that drops you at the main train station (about 30 minutes without traffic).

Posted by Rick
Chicago, IL, USA
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Unless airfare from Frankfurt to Milan is prohibitavely expensive, I would suggest flying from Frankfurt to Milan. You're at the airport already, just keep going. You will need at least several hours between flights, to allow for baggage claim, immigration and customs, (most likely) going from one end of the Frankfurt airport to another, and the semi-standard long security lines if you have to change terminals.