? for those who have been on RS country tours

We're signed up to go on the Spain and Portugal tour and wonder if we are likely to get a list of all of the hotels before we leave?
We've taken the Rome tour and of course only had one hotel but we'll be moving every few days on this one and would like to be able to give family a way to reach us in case of emergencies.

Posted by Swan
Napa, CA
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I've been on ETBD tours. They have always sent a hotel list before the tour along with contact info.

Posted by Leslie
Colville, WA
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The list of hotels usually comes in a final packet about a month before your trip. There is also a list of the people on your tour. I know that I have had mine in time to do some research on the hotels.

Have a great time.

Posted by pat
cochranville, pa, usa
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Thank you both. That eases my mind.

Posted by ann
staten island, new york, usa
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As everyone as advised you, you do receive the list of the hotels, addresses, and phone numbers. I find it fun to look up the hotels and see their web sites before I leave. And of course you will leave a copy of the list of hotels with family members. Also keep the list with you on your person every day, this way if you get separated from the group you know where your hotel is and are able to get back to the hotel on your own. Have a great trip.

Posted by Andrea
Sacramento, CA
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This zombie thread is over 5 years old. Why revive it? I'm sure Pat is no longer in need of this information.