Flights in and out of Greece

OK so I've got a really specific thing to ask advice for... My mom and I are going to several places in Europe this June, mostly in the north west of Europe (farthest south we are going is Belgium). We are hitting everything we'd like EXCEPT a stop in Greece, which is totally out of the way so we decided to eliminate it as a stop. Here's where I need help: My mom's birthday is right in the middle of our trip and I want to see if I'd be able to add in a stop in Greece as a surprise (I'm doing most of the travel arrangements, so she won't know). The place it seems to fit in best is in between Stockholm and Scotland (I know that makes little sense but it's the only time we are flying within Europe) So I was thinking leave Stockholm and go to Greece and then leave Greece and fly to Scotland. The specific location in Greece is not so much important, and we also haven't picked a spot to start in Scotland so that part is flexible as well. (thanks if you're still reading, I know this is a lot) So I wanted advice as far as the best places to fly in and out of in Greece as well as where to fly into Scotland. Airline suggestions helps too! Any info/suggestions will help, thanks!!

Posted by Roger
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Just a suggestion ...... Stockholm-Rhodes on Ryanair .... ferry to Athens (a nice trip - I've done it myself) .... Athens-Edinburgh on Easyjet. Roger