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flight spray???

Magellan's has a nasal spray w/ tumeric root, spearmint & purified water that they advertise as helping to prevent viral infections---has anyone used this or a similar product on flights?

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Judging by the ingredients you listed, my guess is that this product is probably only slightly useful if your mucous membranes tend to dry out on a flight- and spraying water would likely have the same effect.

The best way to prevent infections on a flight is the same as preventing infections in any other setting- frequent hand washing.

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I agree with Tom. I haven't tried that particular spray, but I have tried others. Whether they work or not...who knows? I've pretty much decided to skip stuff like that. I'll use plain old saline spray if I'm feeling dry but that's about it.

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Hi, Cary. My Mom and sister both swear by those little "air ionizer" things that you can wear around your neck. Both are singers, and have allergies, so flights usually get to them (getting sick, congestion, drying out, etc), but they say the little ionizers really help. Google will bring up a bunch. Hope that helps.

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Fotget it -- it will only help your mental state. Water misters are just as effective and much cheaper. They key is keeping nasal passages moist. I think it was Consumers Report that looked at those neck things and concluded there were ineffective/