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First trip 2 Europe

Im an Indonesian, and this Sept im going to join a medical student exchange to Denmark. I have 10 free days, and im planning to visit some of Schengen Countries like Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Brussels.

I want to have the cheapest way for the transportation. Do you think Eurail-select-pass is the best way?

If i purchased the Eurail-select-pass, am i free from any other cost?

could you recommend me where to go?

thank you.. im so excited about this trip

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Meta, there are many options available for Railpasses and I recommend you click on the tab at the top of this RickSteves site on "Railpasses" to help you decide.

Many try to see too much on their first trip. If it were my trip, I would limit myself to Denmark, Germany and France and select perhaps three places to visit: Copenhagen, Rothenburg, Paris spending 2 to 3 days in each. One has to believe it will be possible to visit these and other countries again.

Have a wonderful time. P.

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Denmark is sprad across three major islands (with one being a peninsula being attached to Germany and the Continent). Your travels really depend on where you are going to be stationed. Also there is a low cost airline called Sterling that flies to several European cities from Copenhagen.

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I like the previous suggestion, but I would suggest going to the Rhine and Mosel River areas rather than Rothenburg. Rothenburg is wonderful, but it's a bit far from Paris and Copenhagen. The Rhine/Mosel area are near Frankfurt. From Frankfurt, you can easily catch a train to Paris and Copenhagen.

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Hi, Meta! I share your excitement! I am a Vietnamese American and this is also my first European trip. Köln/Cologne, Germany will my base until Dec while I travel to other countries. I have been looking for someone to go to Amsterdam with and other parts of Germany! Sept might work for me!

Sometimes it is cheaper to fly within Europe instead of taking the train, and quite honestly, the Eurail doesn't seem that cheap to me. I think you can hit all those countries, with the possible exception of Spain because it is farthest away...unless you can find a cheap flight. Cologne is about 2 hours from Brussels and my friends I'm staying with know it very well. They are excited to show me around Brussels. Maybe you can join us in Sept? Send me a private email and we'll discuss in detail.

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With only 10, days free, you should limit your itinerary so as to SEE the places you visit rather than just zipping past them. How about just northern Germany and Amsterdam? or a trip to Paris,all by itself?
As to your train issues, point-to-point tix are almost always cheaper (those are ones bought in Europe itself).The Eurail website will answer as to additional costs. You should be excited. May you enjoy this and may you return often!!!!