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I am a student studying festivals for the summer. I am currently looking for small festivals which are supported by the urban info structure and urban info structure supported by the festivals. Examples of the larger festivals would be the running of the bulls and the horse races in Siena. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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I don't know if this is what you are looking for or not -

My father in law was born in Fallo, Abruzzo, Italy. He goes back to visit almost every year for the town's festival honoring their patron saint (St. Vincent). It is quite the affair. The village's population is only about 50 full time and swells to 1000 for "festa". They have a band that travels from village to village for each festival along with vendors, craftsman and entertainers.

Fallo's Festa is the first Sunday/Monday in August.

We are going this year - it wll be my second time. My husband goes about every other year.

Good luck on your project! It sounds fascinating.

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Google "weinfest", "bierfest"... In the last two weeks alone there were three festivals going on just in Frankfurt - different suburbs organize street festivals, wine and beer festivals etc. Germany from June to October is more or less one big festival...