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FareDrop - lots of alerts of significant drops lately

I subscribe to a service called FareDrop and I have gotten WAY more alerts for the months of October primarily, but also Oct/Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb. Out of both Atl and Charlotte. Some as low as $295, up to the $500 range. If you're looking for low fares and can travel soon, you might get lucky.
Santo Domingo and Punta Cana in business
Amsterdam (no surprise there)

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I was seeing flights from Denver to Madrid for 290 - tempting

The best way is to use Google Flights and put "Europe" in the destination column and it will show one all of Europe and one can then zoom in to get more fares for other nearby airports

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Yeah, for those who have a tolerance for basic economy and lots of stops, you can really travel on the cheap right now. Cheaper than domestic during "normal" times. GO!

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Most of these basic economy “teaser” fares can be upgraded for around $75 each way.

We recently booked March 2022 Denver to Lisbon with a return from Porto. Advertised fare was $420 for basic economy on a United/Lufthansa ticket. Another $150 bought us standard economy with assigned seating and first free carry-on. Just over $600 per person all-in is still a heck of a deal.

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Scott's has been raining @ $300 fares to all over Europe for the past 10 days. Current offers are November through end February inclusive. As noted these fares are cattle class basement, upgrades to having a seat usually $75.00 each way.

Apparently bookings are very soft, until lately discount fares ran through March or April. My daughter just booked a RT from ATL - to Paris in mid February on AF, said it looks as if she and her daughter are the only 2 people on the flight at this time. Yikes - bet that flight never makes if airborne!

I did point out that Disney Paris could be quite cold in February!

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Soooo tempting! We can fly LAX to Milan for under $400 each...but February? Sounds too cold for me and very short days. Hopefully we will see these fares for the spring.