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Family tours?

Hi, not a tour person normally, well actually never, but, am contemplating taking my 12 yr old daughter on a Famiy 14 day Europe Tour next July. I am going to France anyways, and am going for about 3 weeks, but I was thinking that the tour would give us an opportunity to skip through serveral other countries which I wouldn't bother to do with my daughter on my own,I won't drive in europe , so to get to Rome, Venice , Florence, Salsburg, Amsterdam, etc etc all in 14 days indepently would be a pain. Plus on the family tour she would also get the opportunity to be with other kids occaisonally.
I do not consider this tour cheap, actually they are rather high priced , but , I believe probaly good value for all you get to see.
We would then finish a week in Paris on our own( actually we are planning on meeting up with my dad , his wife and other relatives) .
I really am on the fence about this.
One thing I do not like is that the tour starts in Rome and ends in Paris which means buying an open jaw ticket, which I have never found cheaper then buying a simple return no matter what other posters have said.

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