Fall weather in Germany/Austria

Hi! I'm going on the Berlin, Prague, Vienna tour from 9/24-10/5. The various weather-related sites I've checked out state that the weather is generally in the low 60s/mid-high 50s during this time. Not fully trusting these sites, I'm hoping someone here has either been to 1+ of those cities or lives there now/before and can verify what kind of temperature I can anticipate. I'm looking into travel clothes, trying to determine what I may need to buy to prepare. Thanks in advance!

Posted by Paul
NYC area
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Hi Kim,
We haven't been to those specific cities but...having travelled in mid to late Oct 4 of the last 6 years to Munich, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Fussen and so on but never north of Munich. Your estimate seems on target but maybe just a bit on the low side. We've experienced generally good weather and quite a few days from the mid to the upper 70's. Hope this helps.


Posted by Tom
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I was in Germany later summer last year, and there were some rather warm days Aug/Sept. But Expect cooler nice days in Sept/Oct as the harvest season is on. Just take layers of your favorite travel clothing (lighter-quick-drying and a light-water-proof-jacket too). You may need a light jacket in the AM and Evening - or sweater, so use your short or long sleaves and T shirts in layers. I had some convertable pants (zipoff-for-shorts) - but never used them as shorts. Light and layered is still the best way to go.

Posted by Lisa
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I was in Salzburg Austria in November 2006. Thw weather was a mixed bag! When I went to the Sound of Music tour, (sorry Rick!) and took us in the mountains, the snow was very thick! So beautiful that I took pictures up there and made Xmas cards from the pictures. Then in Salzburg had some rain but after that lots of sun. When I went to Vienna, not a cloud in the sky. I would say the week I was there the first week in November, the temp was between 25 to 50 degrees. Good idea to dress in layers. It should be a bit warmer in the earlier fall.
Have a wonderful time!!!

Posted by Greta Bernhardt
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I took the BPV tour last September about a week earlier than your departure. It was quite warm. Every day was sunny, no rain. It didn't even cool off at night much. The hotels had turned off the air conditioning and had put down comforters on the beds only; no top sheets. Just something to consider for nighttime comfort. I brought a silk sleep sack with me (I use it on planes and trains) and ended up covering myself with it in the hotels because the comforter was way to warm at night. As far as clothes go, I would bring stuff you can layer. I had short sleeve shirts that I would add a sweater over in the early morning and evenings if I had to (most of the time I wore it around my waist). I brought mostly pants with just one skort and ended up wearing the skort most days because it was cooler.
Just my 2 cents. Have a great trip...I know you'll love it!

Posted by Thomas
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Definitely "changable". Have now been living in Vienna for about 4 years. September is often the nicest month of the year... can hold into early October. But cool and rainy is always possible, even likely. For clothing: layer, layer, layer and have an umbrella nearby. Have fun! It should be great no matter the weather!

Posted by Andreas
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Thanks to the changing climate in the past 4 years we've had warm, sunny and dry falls in Central Europe which includes Germany and Austria. September was still like mid-summer, October was arm, nice, dry.. it didn't start to get "ugly" until mid-November. Please don't hold me responsible should this year be an exception to this new rule ;-)