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Extending the 90 day limit be returning on a different countries passport

I am a dual citizen of US and Mexico backpacking through Europe, But my 90 day limit to stay in Europe will soon expire. I’d like to stay longer.. Is it possible to exit the EU Shengan región on the US passport I came in with, under the the 90 day limit, but then turn around and enter the EU again inside the same week using my Mexican passport in order to stay another 90 days?

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Pretty sure that is not permissible.

"You" will have been there for more than 90 days in the 180 limit.

Unless you can get a written statement from the Embassy/Consulate of a Schengen member to approve such a situation I would not try it

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Technically, it should work. You are traveling on two different passports. When you enter a country, the border/immigration people check to make sure it is you using the passport. There is no link to your other passport.

However.....They may ask you where you have been and for how long and perhaps where you were before that. If you lie, and they find out, it is very serious. You could be denied entry and receive a multi-year ban.

They have access to airline and train records. If they can't find any record of you traveling to Europe on your Mexican passport, they will start asking more questions. If you can't give them the answers they want. You're "screwed."

And don't forget. They can also search your stuff. If they find your U.S. passport with recent Schengen entry and exit stamps.... say goodbye to Europe for a long time.

Personally, I wouldn't take the risk.

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In addition to being deported with a ban on returning for a certain time, it can also include a substantial fine.

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You need to ask a qualified attorney who specializes in immigration, or the authorities in the countries where you are wanting to go. You can not get the information you need here from us, we are just random people who write in to provide advice on a travel board.

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There is no link to your other passport.

Do you know that for a fact Frank?

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I would suggest you not try to side step the rules. You can always spend more time in Non-Schengen countries. The passport systems used in immigration are more sophisticated than you think and countries share the information, especially since 9/11. Keep your Mexican passport tucked away and enjoy the many non-Schengen countries on your US passport.

As others have stated, why risk being banned from entering countries in the future. Make another trip after the 180 days.

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There are different visa types. If you feel that you need a different type of visa than a tourist visa you should go through the appropriate government agencies to apply for one.

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We are keeping this topic in our forum only as long as the replies involve legal means of entry.

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It is illegal to remain in Schengen for longer than the allowed time regardless of passport. Furthermore the burden of proof is on you not the authorities, you are assumed guilty until you prove yourself innocent. And it is done to cover all the silly bugger stuff. Passports can’t be linked, biometric information can.

If you are caught, you can expect of up to 5k, deportation at your expense, a ban from between 5 and 20 years, a requirement to obtain a visa there after. You may also find it difficult to obtain visas for other countries as well.