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Expedia refund update- Greece trip

Just as an FYI, I had booked a package trip through Expedia to Greece for May 19.

I had to be patient to get through, but they are refunding my United flights. The hotel in Athens (Athens gate) I booked non refundable....but they are issuing me a voucher good for 18 months. If not used within this time, they will refund.

Also through Expedia I booked separately a hotel in Naxos (hotel Galini). This was non refundable...but they gave a full refund (already back on card).

Lastly, booked a hotel on Santorini, also doing the 18 month voucher.

All in all, a very positive outcome, and I look forward to getting to Greece one day soon!

This was wording in regards to Hotel voucher:

Faced with the unprecedented turn of events, the Greek state, as well as other EU countries, recently passed a law that allows businesses in the travel industry to issue a voucher instead of extending an immediate refund.
If you do not redeem your voucher within 18 months from the issue date, the entire amount will be returned to you at that time.
We assure you that we will show you flexibility, honoring your booking at any time over the next 18 months.
We thank you for your understanding and support, and very much look forward to giving you the warmest of welcomes in Greece when you are ready to travel.
We wish you health and optimism, and always remain at your disposal for any additional clarification you may require.

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That is impressive especially since your purchases with them were nonrefundable.

For the first time, I booked a hotel in Luzern through Expedia that was a 100% refundable. Like you, it took time to reach them, but I received the refund within 30 days which was what the agent promised when I finally reached an agent on the phone.

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I have had a trip to Prague booked with Expedia for the 15th May, they informed me 3 weeks ago that the trip was not going ahead and arranged for a refund of the hotel which all came through yesterday, so no problems and no fuss .This was a non refundable hotel ,so well done Expedia.I really had to do nothing but reply to one email.
I now have to wait till Friday for Easyjet to actually cancel my flight (they are only cancelling them 7 days in advance) for me to get a refund on that. It is also a non refundable flight but as they are cancelling I will get a full refund.
I had also been contacted by my Travel insurance company (Insure and Go) with whom I have an annual policy and they assured mw that they would pay out for any non refundable travel and travel related bookings as long as they had been booked before the 14th March.

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Yes, I just wanted to update it wasn’t all bad news.

I’ve seen a lot of “never book from a third party” posts and comments....but it worked out....and frankly the package deals I have gotten over the years are pretty amazing.

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I often use Expedia for trips and have never had a problem,I thought I might have with this trip , but no,expedia did all the contacting and have given me a refund in a very timely manner.