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European Travel

Planning a trip to Europe late March. Would like to visit less urban areas and hike and bicycle and enjoy the countryside. Any recommendations?

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i'll always remember my spring break trip to Greece and then Italy. Other than Corfu, for Greece, I was just based in Athens. Corfu was wonderful. I was supposed to go to Euboea, which is north of Athens and so won't be as warm as Crete other islands. But I sure wish I had gotten there. From all I read it's still not invaded by tourists other than Greeks. I had a friend who did a very nice trip to Sicily in March. Pam

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Europe is a big place. Any idea what countries you might like to visit? What is your timeframe (number of days)? Depending on where you want to go, late March might not be conducive to hiking or biking. A little more detail about your plans would help us to make better suggestions.

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March can still be very cool and rainy. Sept/Oct would be a much better time for that activity. But as someone posted, Europe is big place, a hint as to where you are going might be helpful.

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Europe is quite large. From North Dakota to the Florida Keys is the distance from Scotland to Sicily, for example. Or California to the Mississippi is closer than Portugal to Eastern Europe's border with Russia - which, of course, has plenty of European land, too. Just saying Europe is like saying "planning a trip west of the Appalachians". Can you narrow it down at all?

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This may sound snide, but it isn't meant that way. I suggest you do some reading about Europe. Hike and bike and enjoying the countryside can mean different things to people and may depend upon your language abilities.

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If you want to hike and bike in March, you're best off in Spain, Southern France, Italy, Greece or other South of the Alps location. Official Winter is just ending in late March, Spring arrives much earlier the further South you go.

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Agree with Brad. Was going to suggest Germany because of the wonderful network of cycle routes, especially those connecting the Rhine, Mosel and Nahe rivers, but in March, although it could be OK, chances are it will still be cold and wet. Head south.