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Europe's Best Three Weeks?

My companion and I are planning a very last minute trip to Europe (our trip to China was canceled, and we needed to plan something fast!). We were able to get a decent price flying into Amsterdam, and out of Paris. We have 22 days, are mid-20s, and decided we wanted to do some traveling to see a bit of everything. That said, we don't want to be rushed, we want to see rural areas as well as cities, and we don't like touristy mobs. I've used RS guides for previous travels in England, Ireland and Paris and found them really trustworthy, so I was thinking we could follow his Best of Europe in 21 days route with confidence. But a lot of people here say his itineraries are too much for the average traveller. I can definitely understand that 1 night stays are undesirable. I'm also eager to learn from all the experience here--any recommendations on what's best to cut out or change with the RS route? The itinerary is here:

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suggest you go here: Will you Survive your Itinerary? Knowing Realistic Travel Times Between Sleeping Destinations A, B, etc.

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Rick's itineraries are great as points of departure. They are his tour-company itineraries, so they have a different logistical grammar and logic than traveling independently.

On such a tour, professional drivers deliver travelers to events, lodgings, and meals that are arranged in advance. Absent that, I think you need to make some adjustments. At the very least, if you don't, you will be "rushed."

Have a great trip!

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Hi Erica - I was mid-20s when I first went to Europe a couple of years ago. I didn't mind the quick traveling, but didn't stay anywhere for only one night. I stayed 2 nights at a minimum and I had a great time. I was in Europe for 4 weeks and planned a 3 night layover in a small town (Rothenburg) for a bit of a rest. But with 3 weeks you may be fine to keep going strong.

The Best of Europe route seems doable to me. Disclaimer - I haven't traveled to all of the cities though. I think it depends a bit on how you time your trains and if you make sure you get the shortest train time (no layovers or switching trains if you can help it).