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Eurail Refund

Eurail Refund:
I Booked for 4 persons, pre-paid 2 month first class Eurail Global Pass.
It becomes active in August 2020.
We are now unable to travel due to cancellation of airline and quarantine.
Has anyone had success in obtaining full refund from Eurail for ticket price?

Please offer advice if on topic!!!
Thanking you in advance for any response,

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Certainly, people have. You really just need to deliver it (securely) back to the source with a letter requesting a refund. But if you think you’ll still take your trip within one year, then you can hang onto that valuable document and it’s automatically good for activation within a year of the original deadline.

Most are not pre-validated, but if yours is, then it needs to be returned, as described at

If you purchased from us, then see the two links at Specifically, the return delivery address is on the FAQ.