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Eurail Passes which is best for me NEED HELP

There are two of us going starting in Amsterdam continuing down to Germany and finishing off in Italy. Have no idea which passes would be best for us? Please help.

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Do you need the flexibility that a pass provides? Will you be taking several rides on the same day? If so, then a pass may be your best choice.

However, if you can commit to specific dates and times and book far enough in advance on each country's national rail site, point-to-point tickets may well be cheaper than a pass.

If you have definite routes, what are they?

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I tend to agree with Tim that P2P tickets, especially in German, are often less expensive than a pass. That's particularly true if you are considering a Eurail pass, which is only in 1st class (ex. Youth). IMO, 2nd class on German trains is perfectly adequate.

Something else to consider with a pass, is that German and Italy are not directly connected. That is, you would have to go through Austria (Munich to Italy) and/or Switzerland, or even France, to go from Germany to Italy.

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This website is an EXCELLENT resource: There are links to every train based website you need. There is a section on selecting passes.
If you are traveling only a few day in a set amount of tome, see if they have a multiple country pass. I got a France-Spain pass for 4 travel days for $400. You have 2 months to use it on any 4 days you want. Some trains require reservations (high speed trains and sleeper cars) which is an additional cost above the pass rate. I ended up spending $200 more dollars on reservations since I bought ahead of time. Spain reservations are pricier than France.