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Entering the Netherlands from NYC after connecting through Copenhagen

Hello all. I'm curious how - in theory this works. I'm supposed to fly from the US to Amsterdam at the end of the month, connecting in Copenhagen.

If, at that point in time, Denmark is allowing entry with only proof of vaccination but the Netherlands is requiring a negative COVID test from US visitors, how does it work. My understanding is that, on a trip like that, one enters the EU at the point of connection (in this case Copenhagen), so what would happen when I landed - from an internal EU flight - in Amsterdam? Would I be asked for a negative COVID result at that point?

Thanks in advance!

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Just a WAG, but you might be required to show the Covid test results to board your connecting flight.

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If all on the same ticket, your airline will very likely ask for any Netherlands related required documents. They are the ones tasked with making sure you comply, immigration in the Netherlands will not ask, knowing the Airlines took care of it.

You will also need to check the Danish entry requirements, you may have to comply with those as well, except that they may waive requirements if you show you are "in-transit"