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England & Ireland - When to go?

I am trying to plan a trip and as I have never visited I am trying to decide when to visit. I have heard April or October. Anyone have some suggestions?

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Dave, I'm a teacher so that limits my choices, but if I was free to travel whenever I'd go between late September/Early October or early December. The prices are lower, the weather in Sept & Oct is still good (usually) and the people are less; Dec. everyone is getting ready for Christmas and that is an experience in itself. Good luck

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We have travled in both July and late Nov.-early Dec. I have enjoyed both! The Nov. trip is great for shopping- we love Christmas markets- and the crowds are a bit smaller. The July trip is a nice break from the hot and humid NC weather. Go whenever you can arrange it!!! Unless there is some specific activity you want to see/do that is seasonal-- gardens, for example, anytime is GREAT!!!!!!

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I would usually try to go in 'summer time' when the clocks go forward and the days are longer. For England I would probably choose May/June or September/Oct but would depend a little on where I was going (e.g. London, southern England or Northern England where it is colder). I would avoid London in July and August. Ireland's weather is generally worse than England's and tourist issues aside would go any of the warm months.

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I always go late Sept. early Oct. Still great weather, smaller crowds and better deals.

Ireland Sept. 18 - Oct. 8. Can't wait.

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I was in London and Bath last October and the weather was absolutely beautiful. If was a bit cool in the morning but by afternoon, it was warm enough to remove your jacket. Just remember, It is VERY expensive over in England and Ireland as the Pound is 1 pound to every 2 dollars. My first day I stopped into a pub and ordered a beer and fish and chips (the cheapest thing in England) and my bill was 14 pounds (28 dollars). Take lots of MONEY!!! HA Ha!! Happy travels!!

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Dave, my wife and I have traveled the last many years the last week of September and first week of October, and have done very well weather-wise and otherwise. In fact our two-week trip to Ireland in late September 2001 must still rank as the best two weeks of weather in that island's history! It was mostly sunny and pleasant, with very little rain.

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The thing to remember about late fall and winter in the UK is that you won't see much sunshine. That means it's dark until late in the morning and dark again in the late afternoon. That can be a problem if you're driving somewhere after 4 or 5 and need to see the roadsigns. Many of them are going to be small and unilluminated.

In July and August, you'll have daylight until 9 or 10 pm. The downside: It's the high season and, if there's going to be a heatwave that's when it will happen.

Check online for hours of daylight on your prospective travel dates.