Eiffel Tower

There are no more online advance ticket for the Eiffel Tower when we will be there... Any suggestions on what to do to avoid lines... I'd like to go on a Friday Night if that is possible.. do the wine tour during the day which is included with my paris pass

Posted by Nancy
Bloomington, IL, USA
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I would never book ahead. What if it's pouring rain that day?

Posted by Charles
Austin, Texas, USA
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I was there in June with reserved tickets in the evening to see the sunset. There were no lines and people were walking up and buying tickets and getting in faster than me because I had to have mine scanned. It was frustrating to me, but for you and others with no reservations my recommendation is to go in the evening.

Posted by Carol
Avon Lake, Ohio, USA
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Last Fall my friend and I also arrived in Paris without Eiffel Tower reservations. I was not particularly interested in the Tower before we arrived but once in Paris I unexpectedly fell in love with the structure and regretted my choice. We happened to walk by one night, I believe it was a Sunday,on our way back to our hotel and found no lines! It was about 2230 and i think it closed at 2300 so we could only go to the second level but it was well worth it and a highlight of my visit. If you are out and about that late give it a try.