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Donating to Italy

In case anyone is interested in making a donation to aid virus relief in Italy, the link provides several possibilities:

I have not found a similar list for Spain (and have not looked for other countries), but Charity Navigator lists a large number of charities dealing with C-19 that undoubtedly cover a lot of ground.

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A nice thought. Of course, we will have huge unmet needs in our own communities and around our own country as well (and for many of us, no income and no prospects for gainful employment for an extended time going forward, to boot). For those that can afford to donate, bravo for you.

Just be careful about scams, because fake "charities" abound (sadly, events like these always bring out the worst in society, as well as the best). Charity Navigator is a real (and apparently effective) option. Be extremely wary of donating to anything you see on social media, anything you've never heard of, and do your homework before donating. But thank you for doing so if/when you can.

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Joel, I think its a good idea. No matter how hard it gets here, its nothing in comparison to what some parts of the world are going to have to deal with before its all over.

Some countries rely heavily on tourism; and as hard as we are getting hit, its worse for them. It would be a beautiful thing to divert some of your refunds to a charity in the area you would have traveled to. Maybe something approaching what you would have spent there if you had gone? Or what ever you can spare.

Here are my two current choices.... not Italy, but some concept.

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I don’t think one needs to think to hard about donating - but it’s a matter of where .
This morning I donated to my local shelter - they are asking for money for food gift cards as they aren’t allowed to serve any sit down meals anymore ( covid ) and good banks are no longer accepting privately donated food stuffs

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Samaritans Purse has opened two field hospitals for Covid-19 patients. One in Italy and one in Central Park. I have supported this organization for several years and they are responsible and legit.

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I realize this post comes from a good place but IMO the only place Americans should be donating is in America, preferably in their own town, probably at the local food bank. I understand this is a travel forum, but it's odd that someone would decide their favorite travel destination needs help more than their own community. Or if you really believe that your own community is unaffected (hint: it's not) - then someplace in your own country. There are great depression levels of misery coming to the United States.

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Also, unlike Spain and Italy, America's social safety net is in tatters and nobody without a job can afford insurance, which is not the case in Italy and Spain, and far, far fewer people per capita have lost their jobs there because in these countries workers are not disposable like tissue paper like they are in the "Greatest Country on Earth."

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Each person should donate what they can wherever they feel led. It isn’t up to others to insist it be done one way (their way). I’m still working and very thankful my needs are being met. I will gladly try to help others both locally and around the world.

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If you have beliefs as to where the money should go, then I assume you are reaching deep into your own pocket to take care of that need.

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These posts have made me realize that the idea of charity is complex. Obviously need is a primary consideration; but it can’t be the only one, since if it were, all giving would or should be directed at just the few areas of the world that are worst-off. Helping one’s local community is also important; but again, that can’t be the whole story, or much (probably most) charitable giving (including foreign aid) would be inappropriate.

For that matter, what counts as a community is subject to interpretation. In some sense I consider nature “my community” as much as human ones. This introduces the question of supporting wildlife charities during a human catastrophe. Also, if “community” is a group or society to which one belongs, for sure there can be non-local communities.

So, I guess I’m going with a combination of need plus community, using both local and non-local notions of community.

I do apologize to those who have been hurt by this topic, in that they are unable right now to contribute money to help others. This situation is truly horrific and (for current generations at least), probably unprecedented. At least one can hope that some more humane society comes out of it.

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The whole world has, or is going to be hit, hard by this. Fortunately we live in a country where our government can afford to take over the paychecks of our people for some period of time (what the $2 trillion bill will be doing). I have friends and associates in several European countries who aren't so lucky; and these people and these countries have given me a lot over the years, so that's where my money is going right now. But there is no wrong choice; except not to give money or time or if all you have is encouragement and positive attitude, then that is an equal blessing.

Here is one way of looking at charity that maybe one or two of you might recognize.

Eight Levels of Giving, as written in the Mishneh Torah

  1. Giving an interest-free loan to a person in need; forming a partnership with a person in need; giving a grant to a person in need; finding a job for a person in need, so long as that loan, grant, partnership, or job results in the person no longer living by relying upon others.

  2. Giving anonymously to an unknown recipient via a person or public fund that is trustworthy, wise

  3. Giving anonymously to a known recipient.

  4. Giving publicly to an unknown recipient.

  5. Giving before being asked.

  6. Giving adequately after being asked.

  7. Giving willingly, but inadequately.

  8. Giving unwillingly.

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I guess I have to elaborate more, as the point seems to be flying over a lot of heads. Charity is nice, but know that Spain or Italy are not some kind of 3rd world countries, we are capable of handling our own crisis. Both of our countries are actually over our respective peaks. I'm more worried for the USA now, as it is the one truly in need of the charity, the Pandemic is just getting started here.

Fortunately we live in a country where our government can afford to take over the paychecks of our people for some period of time (what the $2 trillion bill will be doing).

In Spain, the government is ensuring paid sick leave and healthcare, I cannot say the same for the USA. That $2 trillion bill is not some kind of "miracle solution", lot of it is just a bail out for major corporations, who could have afforded to take the hit. I also have my doubts that a $1,200 check coming in God knows how many weeks will do much for working families, who are struggling now.

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If you are interested in donating find your local Red Cross and donate blood. They are taking appointments and sanitizing between donors.
And we are having a critical shortage of blood. And blood is needed. For people with cancer or bone marrow issues.
My father needed blood this week and they had to send to another state to get it for him.
This is something we can do that will have a positive and immediate effect.
We may not be able to help a person with Covid-19 (unless we are a medical professional) but we can save someone with leukemia that needs blood. Because without blood they will die in only a week or two.
So if you want to help save lives during this go and give blood and help save someone this week.
My local hospital has over a dozen people a week that they give blood to that will not make it if we don’t donate.
And if my state is having these issues I am sure other states and other countries are as well.

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If you are interested in donating find your local Red Cross and donate blood. They are taking appointments and sanitizing between donors.

A fine idea!

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Thank you for your thoughtful contribution. No need to apologize. I believe this has encouraged a helpful dialog. We can give monetarily where there is a need or look at donating in other ways. It’s a personal choice.
In addition to the other helpful suggestions:
*Donate Blood. Schedule and reschedule for 8 weeks. Help maintain the supply.
*Share a skill. I do contract work in Preventative Medicine. My work is currently canceled. I am volunteering remotely to disseminate CDC Covid-19 information. (Including here) ;)
*Donate some frequent flyer miles to organizations for future need.
*Help an older neighbor with their gardening or
anywhere their is a need.
*Donate in honor or in memory of a loved one or friend to a charity of your choice. I recently gave to a local charity anonymously that will aid in our Covid-19 community.
*Donate to businesses who donate their proceeds to charities.

These are just a few things we can do. Many acts of giving are making a difference.

Thanks to all.

Edited to add: Thank you Douglas for reiterating the need to donate blood for all. My daughter & I volunteer for our local Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. There is a constant need.