Does color/style luggage make a difference

I already have luggage that is "cute". Here is some similar luggage: except mine is almost navy instead of light blue.

Anyway - I'm wonder if the color/design matters from a safety/theft standpoint? Its nice because I can easily identify my bag - and I think it would be easier for me to keep an eye on. At the same time - its easier for others to notice too. We will be in Amsterdam/Belgium/Germany/France and travelling by train and staying in hotels or B&B's. I don't want to buy another piece of luggage if I don't need to - but I thought I would check with you guys for your opinion.


Posted by Chuck
Holdrege, NE, USA
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From a theft standpoint, the more expensive-looking the luggage, the more appealing to the thief. With that being said, they also look for the most accessable. Therefore, be diligent in using luggage travel locks, securing/hooking bags in the overhead on the train; placing chairlegs in cafes through straps/handles; basically anything to make it difficult for a thief to walk up and walk away with your luggage. For good info read Europe thru the Back Door by Steves in the thief section. good luck

Posted by shirley
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Thanks for the reply.

For some reason my subject line changed to "Does"...I had originally posted with something like "Does color/style of luggage make a difference". I just didn't want you guy to think I was out in left field with "Does" ;)