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Do you use a sleep sack?

I have debated buying one as a luxury, extra blanket. All the hotels I stay in have linens, so I'm not sure if it is worth the room.

Any feedback on whether you find yourself using one in regular hotels would be appreciated.


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I purchased the RS muslin version, since my last trip involved several hostel stays. If you are a serious packing light devotee, I would skip it, unless you really splurge and get one of the silk ones that would truly feel luxurious AND take up less room. When stuffed back in its sack, it was bulky- like about two pairs of very thick tube socks-when space is at a premium. If you are very paranoid about your sheets (or start freaking out if you read about bed bugs!)it might be worth it. Now that I bought it, though, if I have room I take it with me on trips within the US-it is nice!

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I took Rick's silk sleep sack with me on his Berlin, Prague and Vienna tour last year in Sept and was so glad I did. All the hotels had a bottom sheet and a down comforter only; no top sheet. The weather was way too warm for the comforter and so I used my sleep sack and was comfortable. My roommate fought with trying to use the one sheet to lay on and cover with or tried to cover with towels because she was too warm. The silk one is very tiny when rolled up in its pouch. Well worth the price in my opinion. Hope this helps.

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I read an idea, buy a set of queen sheets that you like and sew the edges together. It is way cheaper and they compress small enough. I think I read this somewhere. But it gives you that extra layer you might want. My question is... if you are concerned about bed bugs then wouldn't they get on your sleep sack then in your stuff?? You'd be bringing them with you all over.

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Thanks everyone. I decided that the cheaper cotton ones had too much bulk, and to ask for a silk one (amazon has cheap ones, and rick's look nice) for ....Mother's Day.