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do I need an electrical convertor for my camera battery?

I'm going to be in Germany, Brussels and Ireland in a few months. I just purchased a new digital camera with a rechargeable battery. I have a set of electrical plugs for different countries however I'm still questioning whether I need to buy a separate electrical convertor.

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Look on the charging cord, or in the instruction manual, for the phrase “AC 100-240 V”. This ensures that European voltage will automatically be converted into the proper voltage for your camera. Just make sure you have the correct outlet adapters – I believe outlets in Ireland are different from those in Belgium and Germany.

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I bought a brand new digital camera (Nikon S50) right before I left the States that has a battery recharger. I didn't need a voltage converter - just a plug converter. Like the previous post said, check the battery charger for the voltage indications. Likely it will list both so you can be assured it is safe.

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Interesting question--my plug says 125V and nothing else. What does that mean? Can I use a convertor or am I SOL?

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That means your unit can only handle North American power sources of 110 volts. Europe operates on 220-240 volts, so you'll have to purchase a converter as well. They usually come in two sizes....a low-wattage one good for things like battery chargers...and a high-wattage one (1600-2000 watts) for energy hogs like hair dryers.

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I bought an inexpensive adapter, not a converter (there is a difference, my sources have told me), at Target for about $16. It covers over 150 countries and it has really impressed my German friends whom I'm staying with and other seasoned travelers. I have used it so far in France & Germany and I'm going to Greece & Italy over the next month. It has worked on my ipod nano, brand new Panasonic 3ccd digital camcorder, electric toothbrush, and laptop/camera hookup while uploading pictures. The adapter is very compact and it is one of the best purchases I made. Oh, I also bought an extra rechargeable battery for my camera and that has come in handy!

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In my opinion, it is best to purchase dual converter hair dryers,curling irons, etc. There is a dial on them .... very easy to use. You still have to have an adapter to plug into European outlets.

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We purchased an adaptor and converter through Eddie Bauer and loved it! Also, many hotels have them at their front desks and will allow you to use them while staying there. We charged everything each night, just to be safe for the next day. Good luck!

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I also found the multi-country adapter at Target. However, it now sells for $26. It would be very handy if you feared you might fall asleep in Italy and wake up in China, but as long as you stay on the continent, the two pin "Europlug", which costs much less (~$5) works just as well.

BTW, the Target adapter specifically states that it is for use with appliances drawing less than 2.5 amps (about 500W), but that is also true of the Europlug. Legally, you cannot use an ungrounded (i.e., two pin) adapter for anything drawing more than 500W.