Do I need a Paris Pass/Museum Pass if I'm in Paris in October ?

I have been looking at the Paris Pass and or the Museum Pass for travel to Paris in October. Maybe Paris isn't crowded in October, and we can skip the Pass?

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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First, there is a Paris Pass, a Paris Visite Pass, and a Paris Museum Pass; they are three different things, and yes is is confusing. The first two are usually a bad value for most visitors. I agree that skipping the line is not so important in October. So, focus on whether or not you will be seeing enough museums and monuments to make a Museum Pass worthwhile. Here's the official website, showing what's covered:

Posted by steven
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I would like to add to what Harold has said . I agree that lines in October are not likely to be the kind of issue that they would be in summer ,but as with all things , there are pro and con issues . The downside to the Paris Museum Pass is that once you use it ( regardless of the pass duration ) the clock is ticking on it ,and you are pretty much compelled to use it continuously . If you use it on day one , for example , and day two , you have nice weather when you would rather not be in an indoor environment ( museum etc. ) , and out and about wandering the streets or a park ,the day is wasted or you are commited to an indoor site . I absolutely adore museums of all sorts and never pass one up , but man or woman doesn't live by museums alone ,and Paris is highly seductive in a variety of ways . I have , myself , used the Paris Museum Pass ,but be aware of the potential downside and choose accordingly .

Posted by Dina
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What time in October? Because from the 19th of October, all school kids will get their 2 week Toussaint vacation. Paris can get really crowded at that time with local families exploring museums.

Posted by Stay-ce
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If you are going to Versailles then it is worth getting the museum pass. Make a list of the museums you want to see and the costs. Then see if the pass is worth it. I got the 6 day pass and it was more than worth it for me.

Posted by Maryam
Washington, DC
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How wonderful: You are going to be in Paris for a long period of time!
Paris Pass and Paris Museum Pass are two different things. I only have experience with the Paris Museum Paris, and found that to be worthwhile (we were there in April). I am assuming you would consider the six-day pass. To determine if it makes sense for you, simply add up the cost of what you want to see in six-days and compare it against the cost of the pass (69 euros for six-days). If you come within a few euros, I would recommend getting it. This pass, however, will not cover your public transport. For that, get a carnet of tickets, which we found to be the most cost efficient option for us. The Paris Pass, however, is a bit expensive considering what you get for it (not sure I would go with that one unless the math adds up in your favor).

Posted by Chani
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If you think you are going to break even with the Museum Pass or come close to it, take it. Do note that there are sites that are open until 9 or 10 p.m. on any given day of the week. Do note that there are sites that are not "museums" - like the Arc de Triomphe. Yes, except for the Orsay and Versailles, there aren't generally long lines or the pass doesn't let you skip the line (St. Chapelle, Notre Dame towers). But with the pass, *You won't stand in front of a site for 15 minutes debating whether it's worth the admission price to go in. I once had a wonderful half hour in a museum just because I happened to be walking right in front of it and had the pass in my pocket. *You won't feel you've "wasted" the admission price if you don't like the site. Just up and leave. *You can see part of the site, leave for whatever reason, and come back again another day. Either you will or you won't, but you haven't spent money in vain. There's no limit to the repeat entrances.

Posted by Marie
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Myself, I like the Museum pass. You do need to figure out what you want to see ahead of time. Don't use it the first two or three days. Plenty to do without it while you adjust to the time change. Once activated we usually go to the Louvre several times. 2 Hours here, something elsewhere, lunch, maybe an hour in a different section of the Louvre the late afternoon. (Remember you can use the back entrance with the pass and avoid the crowds.) The Louvre is best in digestible bites otherwise, I think, it just all sort of blends in. The pass also gives to "permission" to say to yourself "this place is a dud, I'm outaa here" without feeling you wasted money (as a previous poster noted). There are lines in October (my favorite month to go) but of course not like July (I'd rather stay home and clean the garage than go in July - lol). The pass will also encourage you to check out that weird little museum two blocks away. For transportation I also buy a slate of one use metro tickets. New ones in left pocket, one being currently used in the right pocket (you need it to exit) or some such system. Can be chilly in Oct so dress in layers. You can also have an Indian Summer. Ah, Paris in the Fall...