Do Full-Around Neck Support Pillows Really Help Sleep on Planes or Awkward?

I found a silly looking device on a website that goes all the way around the neck to give support on a plane to sleep.

I guess there are two models... blow-up and non-blow-up. I would purchase the blow-up kind so that I wouldn't have to carry a heavy flight aid all around Europe.

Does anyone have any experience with these?


Posted by Marie
San Diego, CA, United States
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I've tried A LOT of different neck pillows but have found the "Bucky Gusto Inflatable neck pillow" best suits my personal needs. Fatter on one end (think of using it between one side of your jaw and your shoulder) and narrower on the other so you can roll your neck and adjust it to suit your preference, plush so you don't sweat, when not inflated folds into it's own pocket. I sleep to one side or the other so a wrap around pillow just made me hot, and not in a good way (ok I'm baaaaad). No rough outside seams and washable. I like it so much I have two in case they discontinue it. o/a $24 Got mine from REI but check out the Bucky website or Amazon.

Posted by Christy
Seattle, WA
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Have you ever fallen asleep sitting up, then woken up when your head falls forward?

If so, a neck pillow is for you.

Posted by Brad
Gainesville, VA
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I think the blow up travel pillows help. When they are inflated all the way, they're not comfortable for me. My technique is to fill them part way until they feel about right.

Posted by Tamara
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My problem is that my head tends to go forward when I try to sleep on a plane or on a bus. Does this type of pillow help with that? It sounds like it might...

I wish I could just sleep to the side! But no, my head falls forward and wakes me up every time!

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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I tried the blow-up variety. Verdict? Meh... it neither hindered nor promoted sleep. One note with the blow-up models. Don't fully inflate them before your flight takes off. As the airplane gains altitude, the lower air pressure will cause it to expand. What may have been a comfortable fit at ground level can feel like a noose at 30,000 feet.

Posted by Troy
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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I have tried them and hated them. May work for some people but not for me.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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How does head fall forward when you are reclined back? My head would roll to the side ,, but I love and use a blow up neck cushion. It is a bit inconveneint since when you get up there is not where to place its,, so it stays on my lap ,,, but I would never fly without one.

Posted by Swan
Napa, CA
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I had the same problem with my head falling forward. I used a blow-up neck pillow a few times and liked it. Then I discovered that if I tilt the seat back one or two clicks and lean my head a little sideways into the seat back I can sleep without the neck pillow. I find the pillow too hot now so don't use it. Any amount of sleep I get is better than no sleep.

Posted by David
Seattle, WA, USA
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I have one of those - I believe you're referring to "the Komfort Collar" (Magellans sells them). I have the inflatable version (no way I would lug the non-inflatable version around Europe).

Overall, I found it to be better than any other inflatable travel pillow I had used previously, but still not perfect.

I am an incredibly light sleeper, always have extreme difficulty sleeping in anything that moves, and despite my best efforts (and complete exhaustion from being away for 2 days before flying), I rarely can nod off to sleep on any flight. The problem is always the head nodding forward (even when the seat is "fully reclined", which in coach is not very reclined).

This 'round the head' collar pillow did pretty much stop the head-nod problem. But I wouldn't say it's a perfect solution: I used it on the flight over to Europe, and was able to catch short, fitful naps once in a while. On the return flight, not so much (maybe I was dreading coming home and returning to the pile of work that was waiting for me). Still, that's better luck than I've had with any other inflatable pillow configuration.

In any case, I would say that it is the best of the several different inflatable pillow-things that I've tried (including the official Rick inflatable pillow, which was a big disappointment), but still only partly effective.

They sure do look silly, though. That doesn't bother me much - there are always much weirder-looking people on every flight.

Hope that helps.