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Disposal of Insulin Needles

My husband is a diabetic and on insulin twice daily. We are planning a 2 month trip to Europe and wonder how to dispose of the used insulin needles. We would appreciate any information on the issue. Thank you.

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Years ago, when we traveled with my son's injectable growth hormone, we had a hard plastic sharps case about the size of a TV remote to use as temporary disposal storage. I imagine you could empty this type of container at any medical facility while you are traveling.

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This website might help:

Traveling with Diabetes Supplies

You may also want to get a copy of this book:

Diabetes Travel Guide

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Another good suggestion is a Pringles can. You can store them in that pretty easily. Also, a lot of airports now have sharps containers in the restrooms, which is great. You can also break off the needle od disposible syringes and put them in a small aspirin bottle and throw the syringe away. I used to carry a baggie in my purse and dispose of them. When I got back to wherever I was staying, I broke off the needles and threw away the syringes.

I am on a pump now, but traveled a lot in Europe with syringes. Be sure to carry a prescription from you doctor and they will allow syringes, insulin, even a juice ot two on the plane. But that prescription is absolutely vital.

The idea is to keep others from being stuck with the needles.

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Check out your local medical supply store. I was able to find a very small and compact sharps disposal container at one. I carry it in my Medical kit for portability when I'm travelling as a Medical Volunteer.

A pringles can might do the job but it doesn't alert anyone to it's contents. Just a thought...


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Thanks to all who replied to my inquiry. We particularly liked the idea of breaking of the needle and keeping only that in a container and throwing away the syringe. To that I searched the internet and found a BD Safeclip Needle Cutter that also has a storage device. This removes the insulin syringe needles and pen needles safely and easily. It holds up to 1500 clipped needles. It is reasonable in price and quite small.

Thanks to all for your ideas. Think we will be going this route for our needs.

Safe travels.