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Different Names on Tickets/Passports

Please help!! I booked air tickets for two friends on AA and BA from DFW-LHR-HAM. I used their common names - Ted and Tricia. Their passports are in the names of Theodore and Patricia. They are afraid, from what the State Department and AA are telling them, that they will not be allowed to board. Have things really progressed this far that authorities can not or will not take the responsibility to understand that which is painfully obvious to those of us with even an ounce of common sense? Any suggestions?

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Thanks for the input, everybody. I get it now!

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John, I have travelled for years and it was never acceptable to book international tickets with shortened or nicknames.
You goofed big time.
Have names on tickets changed, there will likely be a fee involved.

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I don't know how far things have "progressed". But this was an issue even 14 years ago. I was lucky though that when I talked to the travel agent at the time to book a ticket for "Bud", she asked me if that was his passport name. I had no idea and so I checked it out with the person and eventually booked it for "William". That was the first time I heard that Bud isn't a "real" name - I had lived in Northamerica for only a very short time then.

For me it's common sense that especially when travelling internationally people in other countries are not familiar with nicknames used in Northamerica.

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In January, I booked a flight to England through "I" left out the "W" in my husband's last name. BIG PROBLEM! After MANY phone calls, emails, LOTS OF FRUSTRATION, it was fixed by a very nice Cust. Serv. person with NWA in 2 minutes time. I still don't understand why it wasn't that easy in January. No one really knows what the rules are at NWA OR I was hung up on,was given many different answers (some wrong)then in a 2 minute call to NWA, CS fixed the problem. Original e-ticket was used. Airfare had reissued a ticket under a different confirmation number but used a different e-ticket number. I was told it was a paper ticket,was told a new number had to be issued, old no. couldn't be used,was told Airfare did it wrong, was told NWA couldn't make a correction because it would be considered a legal name change. So many different answers. Just put the "W" in the name (typo). Just get it fixed NOW to match the passport. Good luck.

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I get my tickets thru a travel agent.Once she spelled my wifes name wrong.She called the airline and of course someone told her what she wanted to hear, it was OK.I told her I didnt care what the airline said I wanted it changed.She changed it.I dont know if it cost the agency anything and I really didnt care.I wanted it correct.

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This happens all the time for airlines.

It's getting worse now that so many bookings are made directly by passengers on line.

There are some easy ways to get this sorted out and still comply with all legal departure and entry requirements and not cost you an arm and a leg.

If you PM me with a few details I may well be able to help you sort this out.

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I really hope you get this taken care of soon and without any repercussions.
This did make my wife and I look at our reservations and passports to make sure we had it right.
The only thing we noticed was, our middle names are on our passports, but on my ticket reservation it only has an initial and on hers there is nothing. Will this cause any problem?

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This question has me wondering.... We made reservations for an overnight, internation ferry and my birthday is reversed (may 8 - 5-8 vs Aug 5 - 8-5)

I emailed the company, but have not received a response. I hope it won't be a problem....

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Bill: As long as the first and last names on your passport and airline ticket match, you're fine. I don't think I've ever had a ticket with my middle name on it.

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As a former travel agent I can tell you that most of the booking systems we use dont like middle names... and in Australia middle names are NEVER put onto a ticket :)

So I wouldn't stress :)