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Did someone say you get what you pay for?

Today’s New York Times travel section has a good article about online travel agencies and why it is difficult to get refunds from them in the current circumstances. It’s not just stonewalling out of greed, though the author is not justifying the practices of some the purveyors. My take-away is that it is all the more reason to deal directly with airlines, etc.

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Which article..could you post a link? Are you referring to the Expedias and Booking.coms, etc? Flights only or lodging?

There have been so many articles about this in various newspapers that I'm losing track.

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No, that’s not the article to which I referred. It was in the Sunday (4/12) Travel section, which I have now passed on to my neighbor, so can’t provide a link. It shouldn’t be too hard to find. It deals with flights, lodgings, tours, etc.

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This is exactly why I prefer to book flights directly with the airline or use a local travel agent that I can talk to in person. I don't foresee ever having to use an online agency.

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Ken, you nailed it, book with your airlines. I always used to check available low prices, but almost always find that direct airline bookings are very competitive with some of the so called deals.

As for greed, profit is what keeps our economy going and I have no problem with profit as long as the product or service that I purchase is not offered with fraudulent means.