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Destination input needed

Hello all!

I'm going to Europe October of 2008 and so far my planning is off to a slow start. I can't decide where to go. This will be my third trip across the pond and my travel partner's first. I would really like to visit Prague and Buda Pest or Ireland and Scotland. My travel partner wants to go to Octoberfest and see London and Paris. I think I'd like to stick to trains instead of planes while over there, so I'm trying to put together a route that will appeal to us, but not cost a fortune for a rail pass. I was thinking of the bordering country passes. I think I read that the rail plans are different in the UK.

Any itinerary suggestions or advice from seasoned travellers is most appreciated!

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You say you're going in October and want to do Oktoberfest--the Munich Oktoberfest is not in October but the last half of September. Trying to put together an itinerary that both of you will like may be a challenge: someone who wants to see what is in London and Paris may feel bored in Prague and Budapest (although the costs will be lower in Eastern Europe). Hopefully you can get together on a compromise itinerary that satisfies both of you, good luck on that!

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Munich, Prague, Vienna and Budapest fit perfectly well into one intinerary and you could do all of it by train. You would most likely find the cheapest air fare is for Munich...

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You don't say how long you have, so I am guessing two weeks. In that amount of time you can see (taste, really) Ireland, Scotland and London. Or if you flew into London, then went to Prague and Budapest and flew out of Paris, you could squeeze London and Paris into your itinerary for a couple of days each. You might even be able to stop for the Octoberfest if you take the train, but you are going to have to plan very carefully to accomplish this.

Rail travel in the UK is totally separate from rail travel on the continent. And it's expensive.

I suggest that you and your travel partner make a list of everywhere you want to go/everything you want to see. Then circle those things you MUST see to be satisified with the trip; plot those on a map, and take it from there. Just determining travel time between these places will often make it clear whether or not you visit all of them.

Good luck and have a great trip!