Day trip to Figueres, Spain

I have 2 and 1/2 days in Barcelona, is it worth it to take 1/2 day to Figueres and Dali, museum?

Posted by Will
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Simple answer ... yes. First, it's a convenient, easy, inexpensive train ride from Barcelona. Second, Figueres is a nice little town ... easy to navigate and enjoy, with nice tapas bars for lunch. Finally, if you are intrigued at all by Dali, the museum is a fascinating look at his art and life.

Posted by Dale
Boston, MA, USA
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2 and a half days is barely enough time to scratch the surface of Barcelona. If you went to Figueres I think you'd be using up pretty much an entire day. The Dali Museum IS an amazing experience (as is his house at Cadaques) but, unless you're an absolute Dali fanatic, I'd skip it and enjoy the many, many facets of Barcelona.

Posted by Kelly
St Petersburg Florida
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If you love Dali, then it is a MUST SEE! I live here in St Pete Fl and we have an incredible Dali Museum here but the museum in Figueres is so on a different level. It is worth it. I could spend hours there. The jewel exhibit is also fascinating. Although there is plenty to see in Barcelona,you may have to maximize your time wisely, see all that you can see in 1.5 days and then get on a train early and be prepared so visit one of the most unique museums ever.