Customs when traveling from one country to another in Europe

Hi everyone! I'm currently in Istanbul and have been here for the bulk of the summer. Because of this, I've accumulated quite a bit of items I've bought here (mostly clothing). I'll be moving to Switzerland for a year starting at the end of August and wondering what the customs procedures will be like for me as a US citizen. I'll be leaving Turkey to go directly to Switzerland. I haven't been to Turkey before this summer so I'm not sure what the customs procedures are like when exiting the country, especially when I've purchased a lot of items that I've used during my stay so they're not exactly "new." Additionally, this will be my first time in Switzerland so I'm not sure what the customs procedure will be like when I'm arriving either! I would hate to get stuck at either airport and accidentally prolong my immigration or customs procedures because I don't know the process! Any information or tips would be extremely helpful!

Posted by Frank
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There is no custom procedures, only immigrations, when you leave Turkey. My GUESS is that you will have no problems going into Switzerland. There will be "nothing to declare" door and just walk through it. Since you have clothing and person items I don't believe you would have anything to declare.