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Customs Duties within Europe

We are in Italy right now and will be moving on shortly to Switzerland,France, Belgium etc. We have bought some goods in Italy and will probably do so in the other countries. Will we have to pay customs duties for the same goods in each country we visit within the EU? Is it better to send it home to Canada from Italy etc. Any of your experiences would be appreciated.

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Thewre are no duties within the EU countries. Don't send anything home from has a bad rep for losing (?) pkgs. There are Ebay sellers who will state shipping to Italy. However, I have gotten several pkgs. safely from Italy!!! If you have to mail things home it is very expensive. Maybe Switzerland would be a good choice..they are so dammed efficient LOL! Perhaps someone else can chime in on mailing things from there. Be sure to insure whatever you mail and don't mail anything you would hate to lose.

Enjoy the rest of your trip.

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Nope. They might ask when you enter Switzerland but otherwise it won't be a problem, especially if you make it clear that you are not "importing" these items.

Countries within the Schengen zone are PROHIBITED under EU law from charging customs duties on virtually any products purchased in another Schengen nation.

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Just to make a short correction: With a few exception regarding some Eastern European countries, Countries within the EU are not allowed to collect custom duties on goods imported from another EU country as long as the items are for personal use. The customs question has nothing to do with the Schengen agreement. The Schengen agreement only regulates immigration issues, not goods. Eg. Norway is a Schengen country but not member of the EU. Norway has limits on import of alcohol and tobacco from EU countries. Switzerland also has limits on import from EU countries.